The next day finally dawned: Alina’s birthday. After a long brunch, we started preparing and making the burgers for our feast. We made the mixtures for the various burger patties, prepared the sauces and made a superb guacamole. After that, we prepared the other ingredients: tomatoes, different kinds of salad, cucumbers, gherkins, various cheeses, raw and roast onions, fried mushrooms and bacon – the list went on and on. We filled each ingredient in its own little glass dish and placed them all in the middle of our dining table; then we fried the vegan, vegetarian and beef patties. While they were cooking, we warmed up the buns in a combination steamer with a high level of added humidity to make sure the consistency of our buns was as close to the original as possible. Finally, we added our patties to the table, in a large, hot, cast-iron frying pan, as well as a hot bowl containing the heated buns – some of which we had dyed using food colouring.

We currently serve Papa Joe’s sauces and plan to offer our home-made sauces at our Burglette® restaurant in future.

The turntable

In the days after Alina’s birthday, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Burglette® concept. In my mind, a Burglette® turntable would take things to the next level. We could attach different sized dishes to a rotating base and put the buns in the middle, in a bowl or bread basket. And having a “first floor” above the buns would make sense, as this would be the perfect place for a hot pan with the various patties. No sooner said than done: I spent the next days in my workshop, where the first prototype of the Burglette® turntable was born.